Destination Strategy & Planning

No matter if city, region, or country, I have the experience and know-how to help define or adapt strategies for long-term destination success. From situation analysis and integrated Envisioning processes to defining and managing realistic and measurable objectives, I help all along the strategy process until implementation and monitoring.

I don't believe in the typical "new responsible >> new consultant >> new strategy" approach. Sometimes it needs a new strategy, often only an update or partial changes, I value the long-term nature of well-done strategies. I put stakeholder motivation and collaboration at the heart of the entire process. 

Destination Marketing

Tourimpax offers support with result oriented Marketing planning. Market research, analysis, and intelligence will always be first, I help with both primary and secondary research. I think consumer and business segments first, then geo-markets. Never underestimate the domestic market. I believe in special interest markets a lot, knowing that the work effort to reach these markets is high. That's good news, because many competing destination still do not tackle these markets at full throttle. 

Business Consulting

Corporate Giant. Medium-sized enterprise. Boutique player. Start-up. I have worked in each of these business environments both as employee/employer as well as advisor and I am aware of the very different dynamics. One thing they share - they are all made up by people with ambitions and dreams. Sometimes these ambitions and dreams blur the strategic view or are not well aligned with stakeholders or market forces.

My approach is to clear that view with a fresh and often uncomfortable outsider analysis of the situation. And to adapt the strategy, the marketing and/or the organization leveraging the incredible power of those ambitions and dreams in your organization. Hands-on. Integrative. Creative. Result-driven.

Experience Design & Management

"Experience" - the most abused term in tourism. Real, meaningful experiences - the greatest value tourism can offer. Experience design and management happens both on- and offline and it is the most powerful branding exercise for both destinations and businesses.
Creating and managing a system of experiences generating such outstanding value is business art. It is also a passion of mine. Let me help you going beyond that term abuse, going where the magic happens and the senses are stimulated, where stories are created and word-of-mouth marketing is exploding.

Market Intelligence - Research, Studies & Reports

No statistic or other market data add value unless they are interpreted in a relevant, understandable, and actionable way. In Travel & Tourism we are lucky because there are so many brilliant reports, studies and other insights out there. Tourimpax runs and uses a constantly updated knowledge base of the best written insights from all over the world. This way I also see when it makes sense to invest in primary research in order to cover knowledge gaps and when not. Primary research I cover fully, from questionnaire design to result visualization. In addition, I am fascinated by the rich insights gathered from big data.

A report or study written for you by Tourimpax will be insightful, impactful and last but not least, fun to read - promise.

Speaking & Moderating - Training & Lecturing

Need fresh content (always) and a fresh face (mostly) for a conference? I have spoken and moderated at ITB, FITUR, UNWTO, PATA, MITT and many, many other big and small conferences. I'm the wake-up guy you want to speak after lunch break. Possible topics: see above.

I lead seminars and workshops - in an engaging, stimulating, and highly interactive way and with a high take-out factor. I have specialised on seminars & workshops related to experience design, management, and marketing, among others.

Finally, I love my role as university lecturer & trainer. My lectures focus on destination and SME success when teaching tourism strategy, marketing, and management. My half to full day international university trainings are on topics like job application, interview performance and business networking.