In few words my business card tells you about the work style I bring to projects. Read about guiding principles that lead my performance and may differentiate it from other consulting approaches below.



Yes, I’m familiar with lots of strategy models and tools. More than you want to see. I do apply them, but only to the extent that it really makes sense. Yes, I do speak Consultish, but I prefer a clear, simple language that all stakeholders understand. Oh, and yes, I have handed in project documentations with hundreds of pages. Just because the client wanted quantity. I prefer quality over quantity and clarity over orotund consulting blabla.



No sole tourism consultant can solve all your problems. I say when I don’t feel I am the right expert and work with a well-structured network of outstanding specialists. In projects, it keeps surprising me how poor networking often is among stakeholders that should communicate a lot. An essential part of my job is bringing them together, stimulating mutual understanding, trust, and win-win collaboration.




You want a new soul-less glitzy glam destination with large casinos but no connection to local culture? I’m not interested, I’m afraid. I believe in the magic and value of authentic, local experiences and encounters, no matter if for backpackers or ultra luxury travelers. True experiences are key for high value creation for both travelers and stakeholders, reason why I specialized in experience design, management.



I’m a consultant. But before that, I am a tourism guy. I’m in love with this industry and so convinced about the positive impact travel can have on people’s lifes. I worry about the possible negative impacts on culture and nature. In every project I build a personal relationship, not only with the client, but also with the places, businesses, and people. You’ll feel that and it’s reflected in my performance and recommendations.